Year 12 French students teaching at Holy Rood Primary School

22nd March 2023

Earlier this term our Year 12 French students were once again invited to one of our partner primary schools - Holy Rood. The Year 12 students were able to live our school mission statement ‘to inspire others.' They were very impressed by the eagerness of the primary school children to take part, and noticed how proud they were to have learnt some French in the sessions. Year 12s, many of whom were out of their comfort zone, used a variety of ways to engage the younger students, such as singing songs and encouraging the students to use actions with the songs. The feedback from Holy Rood was also positive. Mrs Hehir praised our students and mentioned how confident our Year 12s were when speaking in front of the children, displaying a lot of enthusiasm. Bravo, tout le monde!

Mrs Mangion – MFL Department