School Café

Accent Catering

We are delighted that Accent catering are our school catering provider.  The food is prepared from fresh, including a wide range of main meals (including vegetarian and/or vegan offers) freshly prepared salads, (sandwiches if applicable) and desserts, including a plentiful supply of fresh fruit.

Accent catering run a variety of Special Day menus including Burns Night, Red Nose Day and Wimbledon which are fun and add real value to the daily lunch occasion.  They also run annual themes to help customers understand where food comes from and encourage them to try new and innovative dishes.  

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Payment method

We operate a cashless payment system in our café. Parents and guardians top-up their child's canteen account online using MCAS, removing the need for pupils to carry cash to school.  Itemised receipts for canteen purchases can also be viewed on MCAS.


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