Admissions FAQs

Do I need to make an appointment to attend your Open Events

No.  Appointments are not necessary at either our Open Evening or Open Morning. 

If you are unable to attend our Open Events and would like a guided tour of the school you will need to make an appointment for this.  Details on booking a guided tour can be found here.

How do I make an application

To make an application you must apply online with your local authority and submit a Supplementary Information Form (SIF) directly to the school.

What is the deadline for applications?

The deadline for applications is the 31st October.

Do you accept email applications?

We do not accept email applications.  The only applications we accept are paper copies.

Where can I get an application form?

Application forms can be found on the School website under 'Admissions' or from the school reception.  These will also be handed out at the Open Events in October.

Do I have to live in the local area to apply for a place at St Joan of Arc School?

No, we accept applications from all areas.

I live outside Hertfordshire, do I still need to submit an application to Hertfordshire county council?

Yes.  This is done through your own local authority when you apply online. They will then update Herts on all out of county applicants.

What happens if I do not submit a SIF to St Joan of Arc Catholic School but apply online?

Your child will be automatically ranked in our lowest criteria.

I cannot find my child's Baptism Certificate, what should I do?

Contact the church where the child was Baptised.  They keep a record and will be able to supply you with a duplicate copy.

Both or one of the parents are Catholic but my child is not, does this help with the application?

No, the application is all about the child applying.

My Priest will not sign my Certificate of Catholic Practice, what should I do?

Unfortunately we are not able to help with this.  Your Parish Priest has to make the decision if they feel your child attends mass regularly.


Do you accept the First Holy Communion Certificate as evidence?

No, we ask for two documents only, the Baptism Certificate and Certificate of Catholic Practice.

My child is Catholic but I cannot supply the supporting documents, how will my child be ranked?

Without evidence the child will be ranked in the lowest criteria.

Does my child have to be Catholic?

No, we accept all applications but places are offered in a strict criteria order.


Do you have any primary feeder schools.


I have a sibling at St Joan of Arc, Do I still need to submit an application form?


Is there a school bus from my home address?

There are no official buses but Arriva public transport buses and Davies coaches drop outside the school.

For more information on transport links to and from school please visit our "Travel information' page.


What is the furthest distance offered?

This will vary each year depending on the number of allocated places within each admission criteria on national allocation day.  Once we have this information we are then able to work out the furthest distance offered within each criteria.