Welcome from the Student President

As Student President it is my privilege and responsibility to help promote a vibrant, diverse, inclusive environment where students have the freedom, encouragement and support to pursue their own unique interests as well as following St Joan of Arc’s wide and varied curriculum. Students not only benefit from highly skilled staff and a vast range of extra- curricular activities, but are given the opportunity to have a voice through the Student Executive Committee. As a committee member I am committed to enhance the vast range of opportunities and experiences students are offered during their time at St Joan's.

Maintaining a close community spirit is imperative to life at St Joan of Arc which is why I intend to promote additional house competitions, events, extra-curricular clubs and activities. Students not only leave Saint Joan of Arc with amazing academic skills and qualifications, but also with confidence, life-long learning skills and the inspiration to face challenges with positivity and resilience and to strive to achieve their full potential. 

Saint Joan of Arc is a supportive, inclusive, and excellent school with a strong sense of identity and community in all aspects of school life. The teachers are positive, caring and dedicated, ensuring that every student is offered the support and opportunity to reach their full potential.


Matthew Walters - Year 13

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