We are very proud of our school uniform and we expect all our pupils to wear their uniform with pride. Our uniform is designed to be distinctive and yet affordable so that no pupil should find this a barrier when applying to St Joan's.

School uniform & Equipment list

School Uniform Providers:

Many of the items on the uniform list can be purchased from a range of high street retailers, although some will need to be obtained from the following providers:

'Beat School Uniforms' (Watford) 

Telephone 020 3362 2930   

'Pullens' (Northwood) 

Telephone 01923 840050

Each of these suppliers has a retail shop, a telephone mail order service and an online ordering service. Orders placed online or over the phone can be delivered to school and picked up from Student Reception.

Visit Beat School Uniforms Website



Pullens Uniform price list
Second Hand Uniform

Second hand uniform can now be obtained from the school during the school day via the staff in Student Reception who will be able to assist you.

We also welcome donations of second hand uniform and if you wish to donate any uniform please hand it in to Reception. 

Use Again Uniform Event - 27th September 2022