MFL Trip to Normandy

13th March 2023

Our French trip began at 6:00pm on a Thursday. After a long journey, we arrived in Normandy where we made our way to the American Cemetery which was very interesting.

Once at the Château, we had lunch and were only allowed to speak French from then on - which improved our French a lot! Whilst we were there, we did different activities such as aeroball, archery and bread-making, forcing us to speak French.

One evening we had a French quiz and a French food evening where we had to dress up and eat French food like snails - a good experience! Another evening we had a treasure hunt and we had to retrieve the items on a list - all in French. The workers would not talk to you in English, because they didn’t understand what we were saying.

We had many trips out, such as visiting the town of Granville, where we had to fill out our journals and we also experienced a French protest march! We also got to speak to locals. We had a day out where we went to Mont St Michel which was tiring because there were so many stairs, but when we got up to the top, it was all worth it.  To finish the trip off, we went to a Crêperie, to get a real, authentic French experience in a restaurant.

We are happy that we went on this trip because it has benefited our French and made things easier in French lessons.

Mrs Williams - MFL Department on behalf of Year 11 Students Anna, Grace & Emily

Full group Mont St Michel 

Written by Admin
Written by Admin