Student Testimonials

What our students value about studying at our Sixth Form.

JG - Year 13

Currently studying: Digital Photography, Economics and History.


Future aspirations: Become a pilot in the RAF.


During my time as a Sixth Former at St. Joan of Arc, the supportive teachers have encouraged me to thrive in the classroom, kindling a passion that emboldens me in each of my chosen subjects in a way that is best tailored to me, specifically in the key transition between GCSE and A-Level. Outside of the classroom the Sixth Form has provided me with the opportunity to develop my leadership and management skills on the Student Executive Committee while allowing me to work with both students and staff to develop the school environment, something that the Catholic ethos of the school is incorporated into on a daily basis. Throughout my 7 years at St. Joan’s I have developed many friendships and made lifelong memories I will carry into the future, which I feel prepared and supported for with the help of my teachers.

VS - Year 13

Currently studying: History, Psychology and Religious Studies.


Future aspirations: To study History at university.


Throughout my experiences at St. Joan of Arc I have strongly felt part of the community and the teachers have played a fundamentally important role in this. The jump from GCSEs to A level was recognised by all of my subject teachers and they have been very helpful in explaining any areas of their course I was unsure about, giving up time outside of the classroom to make sure I was confident in my work and in establishing an open-door policy for all of their students. The staff and students have an accessible and friendly relationship with each other that ensures pupils can enjoy learning and feel comfortable expressing any queries to them. This sense of community is what has led to the strong pastoral support St. Joan’s provides and prides itself on which is essential due to the demands of the life of a Sixth Form student. I absolutely love the subjects I do here and I believe I made the right decision choosing to return to St. Joan of Arc for Sixth form.

SM - Year 13

Currently studying: English Literature, Geography and Music.


Future aspirations: To study Geography at university.


When asked whether or not I wanted to complete my A Levels at St Joan of Arc, my answer was unanimously yes. The transition from GCSEs to A Levels is demanding, and I wanted to ensure that the school I chose supported my academic and personal journey from school to university. From the extensive pastoral support, excellent teaching and the array of opportunities offered throughout the Sixth Form, to me, it was the perfect place to continue my studies. The Catholic ethos is practised and truly evident throughout the whole school community and has made my student life here at St. Joan’s both enjoyable and comforting throughout my 7 years. The school has enabled me to to grow in confidence and become my own individual and well-rounded person, preparing me for the next stages of my life. I have made lifelong friends and memories at St Joan’s which I will treasure forever, and will always carry the lessons I have learnt at St Joan of Arc with me for the rest of my life.

SW - Year 13

Currently studying: English Literature, Government & Politics and History.


Future aspirations: To study Politics and History at university.


Deciding to stay on at St Joan of Arc Sixth Form was definitely the right choice for me. The smaller class sizes mean that lessons are much more interactive and teaching is much more personal. There is a strong feeling of community at St Joan's and the help and support that staff offer each and every student ensures that everyone is able to reach their full potential. Being a member of the Sixth Form Student Executive Committee has been a great experience this year. I have really enjoyed working with the other committee members and with the lower year groups to make a real difference to the school community. By participating and supporting various school events throughout the year, from charity events, social functions, to school open evenings I have gained so much valuable experience as well as being able to give something positive back to the school.