Welcome from the Sixth Form Learning Coordinator

St Joan of Arc has a thriving Sixth Form that welcomes returning students from Year 11 as well as
several new students who want to pursue their Sixth Form studies with us. We provide an exceptional
academic challenge to our students, alongside a high level of pastoral care to encourage, shape and
support them as they embark on a new transition into adult life. As a Sixth Form student at St Joan of
Arc you are a valuable member of our school community and a role model to the rest of the school.
This is an opportunity for you to be a positive influence on other students.

All are welcome to apply to be a part of our successful School Executive Committee. This is our
student body providing a voice to all students to have their say on issues of concern. A position within
the School Executive Committee is an enriching experience that will enable you to take on a
leadership role within the school. This includes organising a variety of events throughout the
academic year. The Sixth Form building is at the heart of Sixth Form life and is a dedicated space and
environment conducive to effective independent study. Our Sixth Form students feel proud to be part
of our school community and we feel equally as proud of their achievements, both during their time
studying with us and beyond.

As a Sixth Form student, we will encourage you to become an independent and resilient learner,
seeking self-improvement to reach your full academic potential. You will have an environment that is
nurturing, supportive and encouraging to support you in your studies. When looking towards your
next steps we will help you to navigate and explore all options and choices as you progress onwards
in your life after St Joan’s, whether that be towards university, an apprenticeship or directly into the
world of work.

We are confident that St. Joan of Arc Sixth Formers will receive the best holistic educational
experience possible, whether they are continuing their education with us, or joining us from other
schools. For the last five years, our A Level results have continued to improve on the previous
year, and this is testament to our hard-working students and dedicated staff. In the summer of 2021,
our A Level results saw St. Joan of Arc placed in the top 10% of A Level results nationally in terms of
Level 3 value added and we have been in the top 25% nationally every year for the last four years.
This means that, on average, the progress our students make during their time studying with us is
amongst the strongest in the country. It also places us above most other Post-16 Education providers
in the local area for progress made. 

Our academic results this summer of 2022 has shown an improvement where 1 in 3 of the results
achieved was an A and of those applying to university a staggering 91% went onwards to their first

I want to take this opportunity to congratulate you on your GCSE results and deciding to join such a
warm, welcoming, and thriving Sixth Form at St Joan of Arc. I look forward to your enrolment as you
send through your enquiries and applications to join our school community and to begin your studies
with us.

Mrs A Marshall
Sixth Form Learning Coordinator