Absence Reporting & Attendance

Student Absence Reporting

In the event of student absence parents should contact the main school number: 01923 773881  to leave a message.


Absence Reporting and Communications with parents/guardians

Each day, at around 10.30am, a message will be sent out to parents with students who were not present at registration and a reason is not known for their absence. 

A reply can be sent back to the school via text or email, which will be passed to the attendance team who will update the school registers. In the event that a student should be in school, please contact 01923 773881, to let us know this should be the case. Note: parents with students who are late may be contacted, if their record has not been updated by 9.45am.

Changes to any of your details including your email addresses or mobile telephone number can be communicated via an email to mis@joa.herts.sch.uk or by contacting school reception.

Known/Preplanned Absence (Medical Appointments, College Appointments, etc)

A note detailing the known absence should be sent to the school via their class tutor. Please mark the note for the attention of the MIS Office.

As an alternative to the note to MIS you can leave a message in advance on the school absence line 01923 773881 - press option 1, follow prompts and leave a message

Please note Students must be provided with a signed note on the day of absence, as they will be requested to show this at the point of leaving school.


Attendance continues to be a high priority at St Joan's. We know that there is a clear correlation between high academic performance and high attendance.

We do not expect parents to request to take their children out of school for reasons other than essential and unavoidable events because we know that this will disrupt their learning and have an impact on attainment.

If your child is absent please call 01923 773881 to notify the school as soon as possible.