Religious Education & History - G2G talk

15th December 2022

Religious Education and History- Year 9 G2G talk (generation to generation)

Pupils who have shown an incredible effort in Religious Education and History were selected to receive a reward for their dedication. Pupils were given the opportunity to hear about the story of a woman's family who survived  the Holocaust and how they were able to survive. Pupils were mesmerised as she explained about the amount of deceit and betrayal that her family had endured but also heard about the bravery of others to stand up against such clear persecution and were willing to sacrifice their safety in order to do what is right and stand for justice, truly following our ethos ‘Love Christ, Inspire others’. It was such a pleasure to offer this opportunity to the pupils as a reward and we hope they consider studying our subjects at A-Level as they are already showing such an incredible work ethic. Keep up the work and who knows who knows what the next reward will be....