Year 8 Drama

5th June 2023

All of our Year 8 students have been working on practical preparation for their written assessment. They learn how to write about being a performer, designer and director by taking on those roles in class, and they’ve been doing an incredible job as well as having lots of fun learning a range of theatre-maker roles.

Mrs Wilcher – Drama Department


Pupil Voice:

I loved performing “The Black-hearted Villain” - it was so much fun! I was a director so it was up to me to make decisions for the group. We used a backdrop, sound and lighting - this added an exciting mood, for example when one of the main characters jump off the cliff, most groups used a red gel lighting which gave it a sense of alarm and urgency! We also used blocks as set for the cliff and hiding spots for the villains. The sound effects we used made the scene more real. We had crashing waves and screaming seagulls to go with the backdrops. All these decisions made the role of director great fun because we had the choice for all the key elements in the play. All the groups put on amazing performances but they wouldn’t have been complete without the light, sounds and backdrop!

Lilia B 8BP