Teaching & Learning

Whilst we recognise that there is no preferred style of teaching (in fact we believe it is essential that pupils experience a range and a variety of approaches to teaching to help stimulate and enthuse), we believe the following characteristics form the basis of high quality teaching. The skilled teacher will deploy these frequently over a course of learning to support high aspirations of pupils and teachers, which in turn will lead to sustained outcomes for pupils that are beyond expected levels of progress.

  • Meet and greet : set high expectations
  • Hook the pupils : connect their learning
  • Challenge : stretch aspirations
  • Engage and include : activate learning
  • Monitor and assess : regularly to secure progression
  • High Quality Feedback : verbal and written
  • High order questioning : modelling and discussion
  • Reward : attitudes to learning and success

We aim to ensure that all pupils have the opportunity and conditions conducive to enable them to meet or for many, to exceed expectations. This is secured through outstanding behaviour in class and around the school, outstanding teaching and outstanding pastoral support.

Data is used effectively and efficiently to track students' attitudes towards learning (ATL), attainment and measure progress. This enables teachers to use data to inform planning and target key areas for intervention and place resources at the heart of where they are needed.

Homework is set regularly and must be meaningful so that it supports learning and progress. Homework is recorded on a web based resource for ease of access to students, staff and parents called 'Satchel:One'.

Revision sessions allow the GCSE and ‘A’ Level students the opportunity to develop and prepare effectively for the final examinations. This is supported by trial examinations in Autumn for Year 11 and Y13 and further Pre Public Examination (PPEs) in spring leading to their full GCSE and ‘A’ Level examinations in the summer. Departments utilise PiXL and other intervention strategies when appropriate.