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Ethos of St Joan of Arc Catholic School

The school aims to provide the correct blend of academic challenge, spiritual development and enrichment that allows for the holistic development of each pupil in its care and to provide a secure environment in which every pupil is recognised as a unique individual, each with their own special gifts and talents and aims not to limit but to liberate their potential.

The whole thrust of the school community is that of a community built on Gospel values. Everyone involved in the school contributes in some way to the creation of a Christian community where God is present. The self-esteem of pupils is valued as respect for ourselves, others and the environment are fundamental to the Christian way of life at the school.

The care and guidance offered by the staff provides an ethos that will allow each pupil to become the special person God intended them to be.

Pupil Premium

The Pupil Premium is an additional grant allocated to all schools by the Government to support the raising of attainment of pupils eligible for free school meals.

The Government has given the school the freedom to spend the grant in the way that it thinks will best support the raising of attainment of pupils’ eligible for free school meals and to choose the areas where it will have the most impact. Concern exists nationally that those pupils who are eligible for free school meals do not make as much progress as other pupils.

The school aims to ensure that every pupil performs to the best of their ability and that resources are appropriately allocated to enable this aim to be achieved. The school is using these funds to ensure that these pupils are motivated to succeed, are engaged in their learning, that they develop a positive self-esteem and level of confidence, that they develop the necessary skills and achieve the necessary academic qualifications to enable them to either stay in education or to go on to appropriate training or work after their GCSEs.

How St Joan of Arc School is allocating the Pupil Premium funding

  • Deployment of Teaching Assistants to support effective engagement with learning in the classroom
  • Literacy and numeracy intervention where appropriate
  • One-to-three tutoring in English and Maths where appropriate
  • Support for revision where needed
  • Course materials and resources where needed
  • School based access to ICT facilities to support learning
  • School based printing to support learning
  • Support for school trips where appropriate
  • Welfare Officer available to support pupils with medical needs
  • Mentors available to support pupils with pastoral needs
  • Counsellor available to support pupils as required
  • Chaplain available to support pupils as required
  • Careers guidance by an external advisor to support pupils as required

Outcomes for these pupils are monitored through school tracking, progress reports and exam results to ensure that their needs are being met and that this additional funding is having a positive impact.


Pupil Premium Date  
Pupil Premium Strategy Statement 2021 23rd Nov 2021 Download


18th October 2021


  Summer School St Joan of Arc  2021 19th to 23rd July    St Joan of Arc Catholic school ran a summer school in July 2021. All year six pupils, due to attend St Joan’s in September 2021, were invited to participate. We had a good response with 105 pupils signing up for the week. St Joan’s worked with a provider called, ‘Let Me Play’. Amy Lalla put the Let Me Play programme together that included literature and numeracy in the morning and various enrichment activities in the afternoon. The summer school started very well with good attendance (See table below) on Monday 19th July. Unfortunately, at the end of the first day a pupil reported a positive covid PCR test that meant the whole of one group had to be isolated.  There were several further outbreaks of covid resulting in falling numbers every day for the rest of the week. Some pupils chose to withdraw attendance as a result of the outbreak of covid. Summer school continues for the whole week and offered excellent intervention and excellent enrichment activities. Pupils at the end of the summer school offered excellent feedback about their experience. Let Me Play was supported by eight members of St Joan of Arc staff plus a lead teacher. The JOA staff felt the programme on offer by LMP was excellent with very good engagement by all pupils that attended the summer school to the end.   The school and LMP attempted to manage the Covid situation with bubbles and seating plans to reduce the impact of covid as far as possible. LMP had a comprehensive Risk Assessment.   Numbers each day were as follows: Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday 84 63 63 42 20   The school used the recovery summer school funding to cover the cost of the summer school.   Expenses:   Summer school COST Let Me Play 17,498 Lead teacher organisation time Included in JOA Staff JOA staffing 11,372 Cleaners 725 Total cost 29,595   Funded by the Recovery Premium  Transition Summer School 2021  www.letmeplay.co.uk  LMP ACTION    What is a Transition Programme?  Our Transition Programme is a Summer School initiative to provide young people with the extra support they need to have a smooth transition from Primary to Secondary School. The programme offers creatively devised sessions, delivered by teachers over the course of one week.  An independent survey commissioned by the Department for Education concluded that 61% of students are highly anxious and concerned about starting Secondary School, but this decreased to 20% following attendance of a Summer School. In addition to this, the study showed huge benefits of a Summer School through increased levels of confidence, positivity relating to school, social benefits and school readiness.    A bit about Let Me Play  • Delivered over 120 academic Transition Programmes in the last 4 years.  • Is the biggest residential sports camp provider in the UK.  • Runs several alternative education sites  • Specialises in providing apprenticeship training for schools  Let Me Play and YOUR School... It is important to us that the lessons and ethics introduced and learnt on the programme mirror those of your school. We will ask you for your behaviour policies, codes of conduct, uniform requirements and any other specific information that should be introduced to the students in order to build their affiliations with the school.    The Let Me Play Transition Programme  Our Programme is educational and fun! The programme has been created to evoke curiosity in learners and inspire learning. All sessions are interactive, challenging and have a clear outcome. We have a clear main focus on identifying needs and then working to maintain literacy and numeracy levels in creative ways. Whilst educationally based, past pupils will always state the excitement of the programme; parents are encouraged to attend the showcases and schools get a detailed report at the end of the programme. Everyone involved benefits from the Transition Camp Programme.    Whilst open to all the programme encourages students from disadvantaged/vulnerable backgrounds to attend. This allows the attainment gap to be addressed.  During the programme, we address concerns, fears and pre-conceptions of big? school, provide academic catch-up, and ultimately provide an environment to aid settlement into a new school.  There is a strong educational focus, with qualified teachers providing small group intervention to ensure all pupils on the programme are being assessed and work at differentiated levels. The programme lends well to involving extended families by having aspects of the programme with parental/guardian involvement.   Literacy  Numeracy Team Building Confidence Building Orientation & Familiarisation