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entry requirements


The A Level is made up of 4 units on the below 

Unit 1:British period study and enquiry:  Britain 1930-1997, Enquiry Topic Churchill 1930-1951. 25% of A level; 1 hour 30 mins Exam Paper

Unit 2:Non-British period study:  French Revolution and the rule of Napoleon 1774-1815. 15% of A level; 1 hour Exam Paper

Unit 3:Thematic study and historical interpretations: Russia and its Rulers 1855-1964. 

40% of A level; 2 hour 30 mins Exam Paper

Unit 4:Coursework Unit - Learners will complete a 3000–4000 word essay.  20% of A Level

The content of the course is designed to provide students with the opportunity to study some of the key events within British, European and also world History over the last 250 years. A strong theme which runs throughout is the control of power and challenges to it. Within the breadth and depth of content students shall also be developing their skills of analysis, evaluation in relation to essay writing but also source and interpretation handling. 


Studying A Level History at St Joan of Arc shall take place within a well-resourced department that aims to provide students with a structured learning experience but also with the opportunity to develop the independent learning skills that are vital for further education. 

We also take the opportunity for students to visit lectures in London from the leading Historians on the specific units being studied. Each year two students have the opportunity to travel to Poland as part of the Holocaust Education Trusts’ educational programme on the Holocaust. 


History is a firmly established and respected academic subject.  It is accepted by all higher education establishments as a suitable qualification for a wide variety of degree courses.  It is also useful for those considering a range of careers such as law, local government, management, the police, research, banking, the media teaching, and museum and archive work.


  • Whilst undertaking your coursework and other research tasks, you will increasingly work independently
  • You will learn about different social structures and increasingly be able to demonstrate political awareness and sensitivity
  • You will have opportunities to resolve conflicts, negotiate and handle a wide range of complex situations and sources of information
  • History will challenge your preconceived ideas and encourage you to become more self-aware of your aims and values