Entry Requirements


We provide 3 recommended pathways of study which are determined by a student's prior attainment at GCSE. The following provides guidance for each pathway. However, students should also consider the Course Entry Requirements.


6 GCESs at Grade 8 or above.

Students will be able to select 4 A Level subjects to study.



6 GCSEs at Grade 5 or above.

Students will be able to select 3 A Level subjects to study.



5 GCSEs at Grade 5 or above.

Students following the combination pathway will be able to select either 2 A Levels and single award BTec / CTec course or 2 single award BTec / CTec courses and one A Level (where option blocks permit).


Students are required to achieve a minimum GCSE Grade of 5 in English1 and Maths for entry to the Sixth Form. In addition to this, students must also meet any subject specific entry requirements listed below:


BTec Business2 -  
BTec Music Performance Grade 6 Grade 5 in Performance
BTec Applied Science Grade 5,5  
CTec Sport & Physical Activity Grade 5  
Core Maths3 Grade 5-6  
Art & Design Grade 7  
Biology Grade 6*  
Business Grade 5  
Chemistry Grade 7* Grade 6 in Maths
Computer Science Grade 6 #
D&T: Product Design Grade 5  
Digital Photography -  
Drama & Theatre Grade 6  
Economics - #
English Literature Grade 6 Grade 6 in English Language
Film Studies -  
French Grade 6  
Further Maths Grade 9  
Geography Grade 6 #
History Grade 6  
Italian Grade 6  
Maths Grade 7  
Physics Grade 6* Grade 6 in Maths
Politics -  
Psychology - #
Religious Studies Grade 6  
Sociology - #
Spanish Grade 6  
Subject availability may vary and the school reserves the right to review it's entry requirements and subject offer at any time.

1 A minimum of a Grade 4 is required in English Language.

2 This is a double award and will count as two subject choices. Students selecting BTec Business should select one A Level subject to study alongside it.

3 Core Maths is studied in addition to three subject choices, is a one year course, and is strongly recommended for students achieving a GCSE Maths grade of 5 or 6 and studying:  Biology, Business, Chemistry, Computer Science, Economics, Geography, Physics and/or Psychology. This can be studied as a fourth option for anyone on the 3 A Level Pathway or the Combination Pathway.

* Students studying GCSE Combined Science must have achieved the equivalent of the GCSE subject requirement in the science they wish to study.

# Will be expected to study Core Maths if a Grade 6 or above is not achieved in GCSE Maths. 

Sixth Form Admission

Sixth Form Admission
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