21st August 2020

GCSE Examinations

Year 11 students have been celebrating another great set of results at St Joan of Arc Catholic School despite all the recent uncertainty about the process of awarding grades for these examinations which have created additional unnecessary confusion and anxiety for our students. Although the results this year were awarded through a different mechanism, in the awarding of centre assessed grades, every award has undergone a rigorous process of standardisation and moderation to determine the final grade. Therefore, the grades awarded to the students are an accurate reflection of their ability, at this time, and a testament to their hard work, perseverance, and dedication over many years. The academic results they have received today are therefore fully deserved. As a school, we truly believe that had they taken their examinations, we would have expected very similar outcomes for the students. Ever since joining St Joan’s we have challenged our students to always give their very best, in both their academic abilities, which are reflected in the results they have received, and their personal development, which we know are not measured in terms of GCSE results. Therefore, I want to take this opportunity to acknowledge that as a cohort of students, this year's group has been outstanding ambassadors for the school. They have excelled in many aspects of personal development that are not assessed through traditional methods and for that I would like to thank them all for the valuable contributions they have given to our community.  Congratulations on everything they have achieved in this most difficult of years faced in both education and society.  Mr Sweeney
17th August 2020

A level examination success

Students at St Joan of Arc Sixth Form College have once again excelled in their A level achievements, despite a great deal of anxiety and concern amongst students, parents, and teachers about the process of awarding grades for these examinations which created additional unnecessary confusion and uncertainty. Once again, they achieved very high levels of success across the board and we were delighted to know that the vast majority have now been able to secure their university place of choice. We are equally delighted that they have now been awarded the results they deserve. They have worked exceptionally hard and demonstrated great diligence and maturity throughout their time at St Joan’s. Regardless of the fact that these results were awarded through a different mechanism this year, we know that this cohort of students is a particularly special group of young people, who are destined for great things. It is also right to recognise the tremendous effort and achievements that all our students have put into their studies and school life over the past year, one of which has been the most challenging period many of us will have experienced in our lifetime. I am so proud of the people they have become; the values they have adopted; the beliefs they have lived out; and the aspirations they have developed that will help make our society a better place for us all. Let us not forget this. I hope, as we are at St Joan's, they are proud of their achievements and the outcomes they have received, because they should be, and we celebrate with them on how they have successfully managed to navigate through such an extraordinary period of their lives. Mr Sweeney
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