Curriculum Overviews


At St Joan of Arc Catholic School we aim to meet the needs of all our students and develop each individual holistically in the light of Christ.  Our curriculum provision is engaging and challenging, ensuring all students are inspired towards high levels of progress and are capable of achieving to potential.

In years 7, 8 and 9, students develop and hone skills, knowledge and confidence across a broad and balanced selection of subjects.  Learning enthuses students, shaping resilient young people with inquisitive and creative minds who are independent and motivated - attributes integral to later success, both educationally and in life.  

In years 10 and 11, we offer students the opportunity to make personalised choices, whilst ensuring all students maintain a strong educational grounding through continued study of the facilitating subjects.  Student learning at GCSE is enhanced through expert teaching, supplementary resources (such as access to GCSE Pod) and bespoke student support in the lead-up to regular examination practice.

The curriculum in years 12 and 13 becomes increasingly personalised as students cultivate areas of specific strength and interest in preparation for future study.  Our students’ justified anticipation of high success at this level is rooted in their Catholic faith and holistic development.  Throughout the school, this remains the bedrock which underpins our educational philosophy.